Rohit at the River

Rohit at the River is currently in illustration. This book covers the importance of learning survival swimming skills and the dangers around rivers, creeks, streams, and dams. The book also leads the reader towards the importance of continuing with learn to swim programs. 

Rohit at the River is under the review of Royal Life Saving Australia, Swimming Australia and Life Saving Victoria and is sponsored by Central Coast Council.

The story follows Rohit as he learns to stay safe around water.

Rohit loves boats and wants to go on the river in his grandfather’s canoe. But there is something he needs to do first……

Rohit needs to learn water safety skills!

Initially Rohit does not feel confident in the water but with the support of his teacher he soon begins to love the water. When he receives his first water safety award Rohit’s mother tells him they will go to the river for a picnic.

But rivers can be dangerous places….